Roulette Payouts

You will find that roulette payouts are standard across all casinos and that’s true of all the live roulette casinos I’ve reviewed on this site.

SingleA single number bet35:1
SplitBet across two numbers17:1
StreetBet across three numbers11:1
CornerBet across 4 numbers8:1
ColumnBet that covers one of the 3 columns of 12 numbers2:1
1st 12Bet that covers 1st set of 12 numbers2:1
2nd 12Bet that covers 2nd set of 12 numbers2:1
3rd 12Bet that covers the 3rd set of 12 numbers2:1
OddBet that covers the 18 odd numbers1:1
EvenBet that covers the 18 even numbers1:1
RedBet that covers 18 red numbers1:1
BlackBet that covers 18 black numbers1:1
LowBet that covers numbers 1-181:1
HighBet that covers number 19-361:1